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Use your CatCash with Grubhub

You can now link your CatCash funds to your Grubhub app for off campus use. Once your account is linked, you will be able to view how much funds you have to use and where you can use them. Through our partnership with Grubhub you will be able to use your CatCash funds anywhere in the United States that has access to Grubhub ordering.

Add your WildCard ID and Campus information to your Grubhub account for access to Grubhub+. Grubhub+ provides free delivery services. All CatCash funds can be used on and off campus through our vendors and any Grubhub location.

Download the app


You can find Grubhub in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Tap Account, then select Campus Dining and find your campus in the drop-down list. 

Verify you're a student. 

Start ordering!




Through our partnership with Grubhub, you get access to Grubhub+ Student for free! That means $0 delivery and lower service fees on eligible orders, 5% back in Grubhub+ credit on off-campus pickup orders, exclusive deals, donation-matching at checkout, and more.

Watch For Special Deals


You'll have access to promo codes, giveaways, and other rewards just for our campus!

Use Grubhub to order pickup from dining spots on campus!


I already have an account on Grubhub. Will I need to create a new account with my university credentials?

No. As long as you connect your WildCard ID to your Grubhub account, you can activate your Grubhub+ Student membership and place orders.

How do I prove I'm a student?

You must be an active student, faculty member, or staff of a campus affiliated with Grubhub to be eligible. You can indicate your affiliation by registering your Wildcard ID card and verifying your student status on the app.

I am Faculty or Staff, can I access Grubhub+?

Yes. You are able to add the university to your Grubhub account and also receive Grubhub+. 


I am associated or employed with the University, can I use my CatCash funds through Grubhub too?

Yes. You can link your CatCash funds to your Grubhub app for off campus use. 

I graduated and no longer want to see on-campus restaurants. How do I fix this?

To unaffiliate from your campus and no longer be a Campus Diner, in your Grubhub app navigate to My Grubhub > Settings (gear icon, top right) > Campus Dining > I am no longer affiliated with this campus.

I am unable to add my Campus Card or Credit Card. What should I do?

First, check to make sure your credentials are correct. If you still have difficulties, please contact Grubhub Care by reporting an issue in the app from the “Help” screen found in Settings and provide a screenshot of the error you are receiving.

Can I use a Grubhub gift card?

Currently, Grubhub Gift cards are only available for use at off-campus locations.

What is Grubhub+ for students?

Grubhub+ Student is a membership program that college students enrolled at select universities can access for free.

What are the benefits of Grubhub+ for students?

Students receive $0 delivery fees on orders $18+ from eligible off-campus restaurants, lower service fees on eligible delivery orders, 5% back in Grubhub+ credit on eligible off-campus pickup orders, exclusive deals and discounts, and donation-matching.

Do I need a meal plan or CatCash to use Grubhub+ as a student?

No. Users can either use their CatCash funds, a credit card, or a debit card and still receive Grubhub+ benefits.